Healing Touch

About Us

Our Mission

We at Healing Touch aspire to assist others in finding happiness and purpose through education, self-awareness and integration. To guide others in gaining control of their time and thoughts and developing the ability to build more successful lives. We encourage individuals in finding forgiveness, compassion, and kindness in themselves, their families, and beyond. We firmly believe that our program is a personal and nurturing way to help others find purpose through service. Our program integrates a trauma informed approach through bodywork techniques, allowing individuals to heal from past traumas and ultimately restore balance to their life.

Our Values

- Be honest with ourselves and others

- Work as a team

- Empower through education and self-assessment

- Express gratitude

- Care for ourselves and others

- Respect privacy

- Make the world a better place everyday

Understanding What We Do:

What is Myofascial Release?

We must first have an understanding of our fascia, or the connective tissue system in the human body. Fascia is a spider web-like structure that connects the organs, muscles, blood vessels, bones, and nerve fibers throughout your body. This system stores unreleased trauma, much like conscious memories. Our body holds onto these memories from past situations that the conscious mind does not recall. Fascial restrictions largely affect our emotional function, which is where Myofascial Release comes into play. Myofascial Release is a hands-on, healing technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion (2018, Integrated Physical Therapy).

Why Do We Use It and What Can You Expect?

To put it simply, Myofascial Release is a therapeutic modality that is used to heal the whole person from past trauma(s) that one has experienced. Releasing fascia physically can bring forward emotions in areas of your body in which the original trauma is stored (2021, Focus on Fascia LLC). The biggest factor of participating in Myofascial Release is having the ability to become vulnerable. Society has constructed the idea that vulnerability is shameful and weak, when in fact it reveals bravery and worthiness in someone! This experience is aimed at overcoming trauma in a meditative method and creating new ways to handle anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain and any other embedded emotional trauma. At the end of the process, you will find closure from your past trauma(s) and be given tools that allow you to develop balance in your daily life.

Breaking Down the Nervous System:

There are two pathways in our nervous system, the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The CNS is composed of the brain and spinal cord, and the PNS comprises all nerves leading out of our brain and spinal cord to your internal organs and extremities. The nervous system also includes blood and connective tissue, aka fascia! tissue. The PNS has an autonomic component, which includes involuntary bodily responses, such as blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. These responses are known as sympathetic and parasympathetic responses. A parasympatheitc response is one in which the body is in a calm and peaceful state. Whereas our sympathetic response, known as “fight or flight,” is enacted by fear and anxiety. Myofascial Release treats and releases Fight or Flight trauma.

The goal of Myofascial Release is to “hijack” our nervous system in order to create new pathways in our brain that are not associated with our past trauma(s). Following trauma, we learn to use our fight or flight response as a way to handle stressful situations in everyday living. When stored trauma is released from your fascia via myofascial release you are then able to return to a parasympathetic state. It is easy to let fear and anxiety control your life, but myofascial release will allow you control of your emotions. Say yes to vulnerability, say yes to change and say yes to your best self.

Our Team

Kristin Jordan


Kristin has been practicing myofascial bodywork for nearly 12 years. She implements a combined approach to life coaching, using body and mind work to heal the whole person.

"Food is my love language." - KJ

Danne Boch

Functional Nutrition​

Danne has 20 years of experience as a nutritional specialist, working with inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Her approach to wellness is natural. Using plant based foods and supplements to heal the gut, allowing maximum nutritional absorption.

"Being in and involved with nature is my happy place." - DB